How to work with Data Table in Ui Path

Data Table activities are one of the most important activities in Ui Path. Using Data Table activities you can maintain big pieces of data in Data Table Variables. Ui Path gives us a wide range of Data Table activities which can be used with Data Table variable.

Let’s consider a simple scenario where we will create a Data Table which have two columns “Country” and “City” and the Data Table have multiple rows of  data. Then we need to sort the Data Table in ascending order based on the “Country” column values. Last we will display the Output in a message box.

Step 1: Create a new Flow Chart then add a Build Data Table activity to the Flow Chart.

Build data table

Step 2: Double click on the Build Data Table activity. Then click on the Data Table button to create the Data Table.

Data table

Step 3: In the Build Data Table window we can add, modify and delete the column and rows by clicking on the highlighted buttons.


Step 4: Now we need to edit the columns by clicking on Edit Column button. In the Edit Column window we can give column name, Select the data type of the column, Input the length and also we can allow null values by clicking on the Allow Null check box.

Edit column

Step 5: After editing the columns now we need to input the values which is needed for the scenario then we need to press Ok button.

Build data table_ok

Step 6: After adding all the values in Build Data Table window. Next in the Properties panel, in the Output Data Table field we need to add a Data Table variable for storing the output. Now the Build Data Table activity is completed.

Output data

Step 7: Now for sorting the data we need to add the Sort Data Table activity into the Flowchart after Build Data Table activity.

Sort data table

Step 8: After adding Sort Data Table activity we need to go to the Properties panel of Sort Data Table activity. In the Properties panel we need to add Input Data Table variable which should be same as Output variable of  Build Data Table activity , add Output Data Table variable (We can use same Data Table variable for Input and Output), input Name of the column which we want to sort and need to select the Order of sorting Ascending or Descending.

Activity coverage

Step 9: Next we need to add Output Data Table activity which will convert the Data Table to a string.

Output data table

Step 10: Now in Properties panel of Output Data Table activity we need to add Input Data Table variable and Output Text variable for storing the output as string.


Step 11: After Output Data Table activity we need add Message Box activity for display the output as a text message.

Message box

Step 12: Next in Properties panel of Message Box activity in Text section we need to add the variable. The variable should be same as Output text variable of Output Data Table activity.

Output text

Step 13: At last the process is ready. Now we can Run the process and the output will be displayed in the Message Box as below.

Message box

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