The Challenge

One of our PeopleSoft customers wanted changes to the offer letters released to candidates. Currently, they release offer letters that contained the image of the senior recruiter’s signature printed on it. As part of their digital evolution, they wanted to revamp this outdated format of signature in offer letter with a more trendy, innovative one – i.e., to release digitally signed offer letters.This change was even vital, since it was now a statutory requirement, resulting in a very small implementation window.

The Solution

Converting a JPEG image signature to digitally signed document was indeed a challenge.First, our team tied up with an external vendor to procure the digital signature in the form of USB device. The signature was activated through the credentials provided by them. Once the signature was unlocked, the USB device was placed in the PeopleSoft server. The next challenge was to read the signature from the USB token and embed in the offer letter.

The offer letter generated in PDF format from the PeopleSoft TAM module, is placed in a folder on the application server. The SOAIS team, then developed a code snippet in a programming language outside PeopleSoft and called that custom code using a Peoplesoft batch process. This code snippet incorporated instructions to read the digital signature using the original credentials from the provider and place the digital signature in the last page of the offer letter. With this, a normal PDF offer letter was converted to a digitally signed offer letter.

The Result

SOAIS’s solution not only enhanced the quality of recruiting process, it also helped our customer meet statutory requirements. This effort was well recognized and filled us with the contentment of adding value to our customer’s process.

Are you, as an organization, considering implementing digital signatures within your PeopleSoft application? If yes, contact us to help you realize your goals.

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