Starting Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud release 19D, users can access contextual help content in fewer clicks as compared to the previous versions. Applications Help Portal has always been the go-to source for any queries that user may have while accessing the application. Now this has been replaced with Oracle Help Center, which can be accessed directly from the pages within the application.


This update targets improved user experience, which is critical to any enterprise application. With Oracle Help Center, users need not sign in to access help content, and can view the content in either desktops or mobile devices. When Help link is clicked, it opens in a new browser tab/window, so the user doesn’t lose the work performed in the current tab. For users that want to read the content later, there is an option to download for offline reading.


Company created help content has been left untouched, as it gives more context to the user than the generic help texts provided by Oracle.


As always, we can enable the help icons from Settings and Actions menu. The content can be accessed by clicking the Help (question mark) icon.

This will open the help card as below:

Click on a link to open the content in Oracle Help Center, that provides context sensitive help:

All the Help Content within the application can be managed with the Manage Help Content task, which is available for admin users. In this page, administrators can add help text, internal/external URL, file attachments, etc.., to give more details to the end user. Any updates to the existing content can also be done using the same task.


This new feature will immensely help large organizations, where complex business processes and sub processes are followed. With the generic help content provided by Oracle, as well as the company created content, application users will never have to search elsewhere for help.


If you are keen to improve user experience using Oracle Help Center, drop us a note. We will be happy to help.

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