• June 8, 2018
  • Anusha Chandrasekharan
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Vanilla Butterscotch

What better way to beat your summer blues than to have a dollop of your favorite ice cream flavor! Yummy!! Every bite speaks yummy to your tummy!

Over the years, it has always been a known fact that the closer to “Vanilla” your PeopleSoft instance was, the smoother would be your Upgrade and Application Support path. We were always encouraged to stay away from changing delivered code and making customizations to the PeopleSoft product.


What if your PeopleSoft Upgrades and Application support was made equally yummy- in a flavor of your choice!

The PeopleSoft geeks at Oracle did realize that just eating vanilla will soon be boring and hence came up with the Page and Field Configurator, to help configure small customizations at the page level.

Yes, having your own “butterscotch” is now a real possibility too!!

Oracle came up with this really cool feature called the “Page and Field Configurator”. This is a tool that has been made available with PeopleTools 8.56.


It provides a new way to customize your business logic or your page layout through configuration rather than making a customization using App Designer.

It provides a super easy user interface that takes the component name as input and lists out the fields and pages that make up the component and presents users with options to customize them. You can change a label text or add processing logic, all through configuration.

You can also tell the system who needs to have this customization enabled for them and through which navigation.

Once your customization is in effect, upgrades and support are cakewalk, since all you need to move between environments is the configuration data. There is no customization that needs to be isolated and retrofitted in the classical sense.

Pretty cool, huh?

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