Launch Mass Action- Termination and End Contingent Worker Contract

Workday has come up with a new way to use Mass Actions that can simplify the HR Operations work using the Worksheets. Using a custom report or even a search report like ‘Find Worker’ as basis, users can populate the data they need for Termination or End Contract. This could be extremely useful in cases of reduction or mass lay-off, and since the user interface is so easy, it could even provide HR users with a quicker method for everyday processes. This will reduce the manual effort and increase the efficiency, along with this it reduces the data entry error by using the built in prompts and select valid data options


  • Access the Launch Mass Action event
Launch mass

Choose the required mass action here we are selecting the End Contingent Worker Contract process.

Launch mass action

Select the custom report using which we are going to load the data.

Launch mass action event

It navigates to the next page, where we need to select the reason for termination from the drop down and choose the date for contract expiry.

Launch mass action events

Once the process completes successfully, we need to open the workbook.Click on the Open Workbook button.

Report definition

The view of the workbook.

Mass action workbook

Now we can populate the secondary reason for the ending the contract from the drop down.

Worker contact

In case we want to add any row that would also be possible


Once all the editing is done click on Begin Error Validation and check for errors in any rows.

Begin error validation
Error validation
  • Finally click on submit at the end of the page and the process gets completed.With this, the contract for workers will be ended.

Now we have one more method of Launching Mass Action that is using the search reports, here we are using the Find Worker report.

  • Run the Find Worker report
Search basic worker data
  • Select some suitable filters from the left end and choose the workers.
  • Click on Launch mass action event button.
Competency skills

Select termination from the drop down.

Action event

Choose a suitable termination date and primary reason for termination from the drop down.

Report definition 1

Worksheets gets populated we can make necessary changes if required.

Termination 1

Click on the button Begin Error Validation

Error validation details

Finally click the submit button, so that the employees are processed for termination.


As you can see, this is a useful feature that automates work for HR Operations to perform mass terminations of workers. In future releases, we can expect more mass actions to be added to this new functionality.

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