Lights out testing virtually eliminates the need for human intervention by automating the execution of critical routine tests. Lights out testing yields several benefits including accelerating project by reducing test cycle times, boosting test coverage with unused resources and eliminate manual audit and compliance with automated documentation.
Worksoft Certify enables users to execute & validate Certify Business Processes from command line in BATCH using windows scheduler. This unattended execution of Batch file, usually contains large number of processes running for long duration. When there is long duration of execution, we must take care of few parameters while creating a batch which will ensure smooth execution. Else there could be possibilities of process failures and hence wastage of time.
Here are few best practices recommendations derived from deep expertise of SOAIS’ teams running multiple customer engagements over the last many years.
  • Usually testing of any interface (SAP/Non-SAP) is done using Test ID’s. Hence usage of multiple Test ID’s is desirable as it would help triggering multiple batches at a time. For one of our client we had developed 200+ Business Processes and all were executed overnight.
  • We had set of processes belonging to different SAP modules like OTC, PTM, PTP, LEX, RTR etc. We segregated processes based on the modules and created separate batches.
  • At Integration level always include LAST step status, it should terminate execution of the process if previous step fail.
  • Processes which are user id specific (LRFMD) must be segregated w.r.t users. These processes will allow 1 user to work on only 1 processes at a time even though SAP allows multiple user sessions.
  • Processes having dependency on external systems which might have high probability of failures should be segregated.
  • It’s better not to include processes which need active sessions. (which involve Passing key strokes on Active screens). Based on the previous experiences frequently failed processes should also be separated out from main batch.
  • While creating ‘. Bat files it’s advisable to mention ‘timeout of 5 or 10 seconds which will PAUSE for some time before beginning with next process execution. We can also put “/step delay=1” for any specific process you wish the execution to go slow.
  • Always keep sleep mode as never for windows/RDP settings.Contribution by Shashibhushan D

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