Oracle HCM Cloud, being a SaaS application, can be accessed from anywhere. At times, customers may have requirement to restrict access to the cloud applications to some specific IP addresses, which lie within their corporate network.

To cater to such requirements, Oracle HCM Cloud has introduced a new feature Location Based Access Control available from Fusion SaaS release 19A.

Previously, customers used to restrict access with help of Oracle Support. Customers shared their white listed set of IPS, this was approved and subsequently, Oracle Support applied the necessary changes. This activity used to take approximately 2 weeks for the IP restrictions to become effective.

With introduction of this feature, this activity is available under the customer’s self-service options. The LBAC feature allows administrative users to enable this IP restriction with immediate effect.

However, Customer can still avail the services of Oracle Support by raising an SR for the same.

Few key points to remember:

  • User must have the IT Security Manager role to enable location based access.
  • Make a role public.
  • A role can be made public only when location based access is enabled.
  • The IP addresses of computers from which the users usually sign in to the application needs to be registered for enabling the location based access.

Steps to enable LBAC:

Step 01: Navigate to Security Console and access Location Based Access on the Administration page


Step 05: Click and select on Enable Location Based Access.

Step 06: In the IP Address White list text box, enter one or more IP addresses separated by commas.

Step 07: Click Save.

Step 08: Review the confirmation message and click OK.

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