In regular HR processes we often come across a requirement of configuring absence type (eg. Sick Leave, Casual Leave) which will accrue balance at the beginning of each month to employees who are enrolled into those leave plans.

Let us consider that an accrual plan needs to be setup to accrue 1 day balance on 1st of each month (For e.g. 1 day on 01-JUN-2019 for the month of June’ 2019).

However,in Oracle HCM Cloud if we use delivered Monthly Accrual Processing Period during absence plan configuration then it will calculate the accrual at end of the period (For e.g .on 30-JUN-2019 for the month of Jun’ 2019).

Below is the configuration page of Monthly Accrual Processing Period:

Monthly Accrual Processing Period

Oracle Support has accepted this as a bug (Bug 19933904 – login required).

To address the issue, we may follow the below workaround:

Create a Custom Monthly Period with Period Type as Monthly, Period Length as Calendar Month and Sample Start Date as the second day of the month.

The Period should have setup similar to the screenshot below:

edit repeating time period

Once this period is created the same can be utilized in absence plan to accrue balance on the beginning of each month.

To know more such real world issues, feel free to contact SOAIS .

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