Oracle Cloud HCM Experience Design Studio

From version 19A, the Oracle Cloud HR Administrator received a new powerful tool to personalize and manage the application. For HR administrators, it is now easier to manage configurations themselves, thus saving time and resources.

Originally, introduced as HCM Page Configurator in 18B, the HCM Transaction Configurator is renamed as HCM Experience Design Studio and the enhanced and renamed Transaction Design Studio is being included in 19A.

Design Studio personalizes the user experience to accommodate unique business processes. It gives the ability to apply and enforce unique business rules by autocompleting data with minimal input. In this enhancement, localization rules and Autocomplete is provided to the end user for minimizing data entry and errors.

It expands the support of local rules by simplifying the end user’s experience by leveraging the Autocomplete feature. This enhancement will provide the end user with localization rules and Autocomplete to minimize data entry and errors.

It provides organizations with the ability to manage the rules effectively and easily for different countries and products to ensure global compliance.

Below are the 4 tabs which are available in Design Studio:

HCM design studio

Transaction Design Studio – Configure new user experience

Person Spotlight – Sequence, rename and set access to pages

Landing Page Background Images– Upload HCM landing page background images

AutoComplete Rules (shown as Business Object Rules) – Define defaulting and validation rules

Users are allowed to create rules to configure transactions and pages in the responsive user designed pages. Using Design Studio, one can change how sections and fields are displayed, on the basis of user’s role and the business unit or legal employer of employee’s.

Below are the scenarios for which one can now create rules:

  • To control the visibility setting of sections and attributes displayed in each section of the page.
  • To change the required status of optional attributes.
  • To control the availability of the questionnaire page for actions that uses the guided process design.

Please contact us to step into the Experience Design Studio.

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