Integrating Oracle Cloud HCM data with external PAAS or On-Prem applications.

This is required to ensure seamless data flow between Cloud HCM and the other applications that it needs to integrate. This article explores REST APIs methods to achieve this objective.



Complete the following prerequisites before you start working with Oracle HCM Cloud REST API:

Internet-accessible application that supports test REST services.

Ensure that you have the authentication and authorization information.

Administrator user roles must have security privileges.


Required Roles and Privileges:

You must have function security privileges. Add them to custom job roles, as required. You must also include any job role that you will use to access REST services.

For example, you must create a data role to provide access to relevant person records for users of the Grades APIs. PER_REST_SERVICE_ACCESS_WORKSTRUCTURES_PRIV


Popular REST API Methods:


Use the GET HTTP method to retrieve (read) singular and collection resources.


Use the POST HTTP method on a collection resource to create a new singular resource.


Use the PATCH HTTP method to update data in a resource. You can update only the fields specified in the request body.


Use the DELETE HTTP method to delete a resource item


For this example, we are using Basic authentication over SSL, Extracts username and password credentials from the HTTP header


You can test REST services using an internet-accessible application or a programming platform that supports protocols to transfer data, such as cURL, Advanced Rest Client (Google Chrome Plug-in), and other REST clients here i am using popular postman native app, please check you proxy setting if your origination have proxy settings enabled.


Syntax URLs:


Example 1:

The following example shows how to retrieve all grade in SOAIS test instance.



Example 2:

Shows how we can pass condition to retrieve data from grade business object.

https://:443/hcmRestApi/resources/ =’Grade8′


For more information on how you data can used in external PAAS/On – Prem applications, please contact us.

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