Oracle’s Cloud HCM applications R13 is around the corner. There are several new exciting features and significant improvements to the existing features. Global Human Resources is a major focus area are where investments are done based on customer feedback. While there are several updates making functionality richer, serious attention has also been paid to new user experience.

Here are the high-level features which you can expect in R13 of Global Human Resources. You can relate to many of them if you have seen the major updates done in R12.

  • The new user experience is expected to be a more modern look to excite employees and improve user adoption
  • A lot of work has gone into Position Management first in Release 12, and that’s continued in 13. So now you have the ability to manage your organization by supervisor or by position or both. You can see open positions with or without a requisition, and you can manage those positions across the manager hierarchy.
  • Smart Navigation is taken to the next level by adding in overlays throughout the HR system. So now there is contextual information giving you more information consistently.
  • This release gets a more robust HR Helpdesk for customers. Important highlights being in service-request tracking and a better way to visualize and track from an HR-user standpoint This helps understand where and what is going on with service requests and create them yourself for your employees.
  • The ability to have very strong HR Help Desk analytics is now possible. This allows you to get summaries and actions via the infolets. It also lets you actually track HR representatives’ activity.
  • There more out-of-the-box capabilities for Global customers – over 45 Tier 1 localizations have been added from an HR standpoint.
  • Compensation, which already had a robust set of features, now has new user experience in this release.
  • A lot of capabilities coming into both Time & Labor and Absence. There are a number of elements in Time and Labor in terms of changing time scheduling and cards, new ways of managing rules and rates, adding some payroll process changes as well as changes to the approval process. And in Absence, there is enhanced the plan management and increased localizations.
  • New Learning capabilities have been introduced. Support for instructor led classes, including being able to do course management, allocate resources such as classrooms, being able to manage multiple sections, manage enrolment, and then capturing course evaluation at the end. We’ve also introduced the concept of learning paths for complex topics, where you might want to have sequences and prerequisites that people need to follow.
  • New in Release 13 is the Volunteering product. There is capability to track opportunities for your customers or your employees to participate in volunteer activities, to track their time, to lead projects, and to be able to understand where they’re giving back and work with others in the organization.
  • Finally, interesting capabilities for business insights have been included in this version including the ability to share reports.


Contributed by Prashant

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