1. Position hierarchy manager is not getting updated after the Reverse Termination

Employee hierarchy before the termination of an employee is,

Employee A > Employee B > Employee C > Employee D

Now perform the following steps:

  • Terminate Employee C – because of this step system automatically assigns Employee B as the LM for Employee D – this is expected functionality
  • Now Reverse terminate Employee C – after this step system does not revert the manager to Employee C for Employee D

Work Around:

Need to run the ESS job “Synchronize Person Assignments From Position” after Reverse terminate the Manager. And successful execution of this ESS job should correct the Manager hierarchy.

Note: Oracle is working on the permanent solution and will be available in upcoming patch bundles

     2. Some page access / user interface issues after the R13 upgrade

When we try to access different Fusion pages after the R13 upgrade many customers get blank screen Or ADF server application error Or the page customization are not reflecting correctly.

Root Cause: Browser Cache issue

Solution: We must clear the browsing history, cache and cookies to delete the previous release (R12) information. Post this activity when we login into the application for the first time the Fusion pages would take bit more time to load but get display without any issue.

   3. Security profile not working and data accessibility issues after the R13 upgrade

Customers using the custom roles are facing these issues post R13 upgrade. To overcome all such application security and data security issues we need to follow following steps,

  • Run the ESS Job “Import User and Role Application Security Data


  • Regenerate all the custom security roles using the task “Manage Data Roles and Security Profiles

  4. Performance issue in “Personal Payment Details Real Time” OTBI subject area.

The performance issue in this subject area is due to the additional joins introduced in the design during the upgrade process. The OTBI report built using this subject area are fetching 500-600 rows of data only. Following are the bug details,


Work around: We can build SQL / BI reports to fetch the same information.

Solution: Permanent fix is ready and already applied to the environments with monthly patching modes. Environments with Quarterly patching mode get this fix by September 2018.

  5. Company logo display issue after the Release upgrade.

After the R13 upgrade this issue is faced by many customers. Due to this issue the company logo is not getting displayed or it is reflecting inconsistently. Even the newly uploaded logos are not reflecting.

Root cause: During the upgrade process the theme and appearance customization are not picked properly.

Solution: We need to create a new sandbox and have to remove background image URL and other CSS from Global page template.

  6. ADF_faces error when Line manager access the spotlight page of his/her team members.

This application error is experienced by many customers when Manager access the profiles of the direct reports.

Root cause:Privileges are not incorporated in the custom roles during the upgrade process.

Solution: To fix this issue we need to add the privilege “PER_ACCESS_PERSON_SPOTLIGHT_PRIV

To both Employee and Line manager custom security roles and then have to re-generate both the roles



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