Are you using Taleo Business Edition for your recruiting needs and wonder how this can be tied to your Oracle Cloud HCM application? Let SOAIS help you.

Oracle’s New Hire Integration offers TBE customers, who are also Cloud HCM customers, a quick and cost-effective method of setting up a basic integration from TBE to Fusion.

Heres how:

Applicants to Job Openings are short listed, interviewed, selected, onboarded and hired using TBE and the new hire information is passed on to Oracle Cloud HCM application using Rest API. Once the Employee Assignment is created on the Oracle Cloud HCM application, the Employee Id from Cloud HCM is synced back into TBE to complete the hiring cycle.

Prerequisites for this integration to be successful are:

  • Enabling the Rest API integrations in both applications
  • Ensuring that the employee and organization structure configurations are in sync

How do I get it?This integration is inherently available within the application and needs no extra purchase. It can be triggered from TBE and the details of every run is captured in a log that can be used to verify if the data was exchanged successfully. Resubmissions of the data to be exchanged is also allowed, hence making sure that the data is always in sync between the applicationsCan I do it myself?Currently (September 2017), this feature is under Controlled Availability and can be implemented only with the assistance of an approved implementation partner. SOAIS is an approved Oracle partner to implement the integration for you. Stayed tuned for our success stories.

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