Oracle Cloud HCM – Third Party Integration

An integrated application stack is ideal for any organization. It gives organization a unified platform which helps them to maintain minimal required data in each application and at the same time help save manual effort. Minimizing manual effort also takes away manual error and help organization get the right data in right application.

One of our customers had a requirement to transfer employees’ data to their downstream Time and attendance application. The employee data is shared to the external application – when an employee is hired, when any changes happen to employees’ data or when there is an employee termination.

To address above requirement, our team built a file-based integration which fetches and transfers data from Oracle HCM application to downstream time and attendance application as shown below:

oracle hcm application

This solution has helped customer achieve a long pending integration seamlessly and help them transfer required data from Oracle HCM Cloud application.

Integration of third-party applications with Oracle Cloud is an emerging trend in the market and is necessary for an organization growth as it enables united application architecture.

To know more about integrating external/On-premise applications to Oracle HCM Cloud, contact us.



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