Oracle Digital Assistant

In today’s world, we need to engage with the customers in all possible ways to stay relevant in the market. Over the years, we have seen new technologies to achieve this. In the recent times, digital assistants are gaining steam and many organizations would like to invest in this technology to simplify user engagement.

Oracle’s Digital Assistant does precisely that, where it provides a platform to create and deploy digital assistants for their users. 

In Oracle Digital Assistant, we can create the following for use:


  • Skills (formerly known as chatbots), are individual bots that are focused on specific types of tasks, such as tracking inventory, submitting timecards, and creating expense reports, etc.,
  • Digital assistant, an AI-driven interface that help users accomplish a variety of tasks in natural language conversations. A digital assistant contains a collection of one or more skills.

Now let’s have a look into these in detail:

Digital Assistant

A Digital assistant is a virtual device that contains a collection of one or more skills. When a user engages with an assistant, it evaluates the user input and routes it to the appropriate skill for appropriate result. Digital assistants can be configured for multiple channels, e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc., This can be achieved with a selection of skills from the Skill Store or with custom skills.

Some basic features of Digital Assistant are:

  • It provides a unified interface for multiple skills.
  • Greets the user upon access.
  • Upon user request, lists what it can do and provide entry points to the relevant skills.
  • Routes explicit user requests to the appropriate skill.
  • Handles interruptions to flows.
    • For example, if a user inputs something that reflects a different skill, the digital assistant prompts the user to confirm a transition to the desired flow. And once that new flow is completed, offers to return the user to the preceding flow.
  • Handles disambiguation.
    • For example, if a user types “cancel”, it may need to prompt the user whether to cancel a request that she previously made to leave the existing flow, or to exit the bot entirely.
  • Handles requests to exit the bot.

We need to tune Digital Assistant configuration and skills for optimal performance.

Flow Chart on Oracle Digital Assistant
Flow Chart on Oracle Digital Assistant


  • Skills are individual chatbots that are designed to interact with users and fulfill specific types of tasks, such as making reservations, changing contact information and ordering food.
  • Each skill helps a user complete a task through a combination of messages and simple UI elements like selecting from a list.


Above Image shows options for selection of dishes in the menu

  • We can create a skill by cloning a version of another skill or by importing one. We can also create a new skill from scratch.

With Oracle Digital assistant, enterprises can help users to get data via AI driven user. 

  • Custom Skills as well as built-in skills can be integrated with Cloud products.
  • Multiple localizations can be achieved by only creating a single multilingual skill and attaching it a localized digital assistant for use.
  • Use of OBotML in Dialog Flow, makes it simple to write and understand the behavior characteristics of Digital Assistant skill for a user request.
  • A skill with an integrated Q&A framework enables Oracle Digital Assistant to answer general interest questions from the surface FAQs or other knowledge-based documents.
  • Application-Initiated conversations are supported so we can start with Twilio/SMS conversations with users. For example, we can send an appointment reminder, a traffic alert, or flight status.
  • Restrictions imposed by natural language conversations of Digital Assistants can also be overcome by Oracle Digital assistant with use of Webviews. e.g., when entering credit card details or passport details, users need to enter their accurate information.
  • Support for backend authentications by Oracle Digital assistant for data helps us in keeping the data secure from potential hackers.

We believe the features of Oracle Digital Assistant provide enough reasons for you to get excited about how it can transform the perspective of enterprise applications for an end user.Keep watching this space for more on Oracle Digital Assistant. To know how this AI-powered Assistant can help your business, contact us.

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