Software that is dedicatedly built to measure and track the performance of employees consistently is known as a performance management system.

Characteristics of performance management:

  • Planning – Setting clear goals and objectives.
  • Assessment – Frequent communication and Real time feedback.
  • Review – Performance review and suggestion.

Key features of Performance Management in Oracle Fusion HCM:–

  • Performance Reviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competency Management
  • Development Planning
  • Integration with HR Processes
  • Configurable Workflows

Options for Navigating in Performance:

To reach the Performance Template page in both ways:

  • My Client Groups > Performance > Setup Maintenance
  • On the toolbar, click the arrow by Initials or user image to open the Settings and Actions menu. In the Administration area, click Setup and Maintenance. Click the arrow by the Setup menu and scroll to Workforce Development. In the left part of the UI, click Worker Performance. Then on the right area of the UI, click Performance Template.

How Performance Documents Work with Profiles:

During a performance evaluation, the line manager or worker can evaluate the competencies in a performance document.

Performance document steps

Prerequisites for Creating Performance Documents:

Before you can create standard or anytime performance documents for workers, please ensure these prerequisites are met:

  • If the performance document has an eligibility profile associated with it, ensure the worker meets the eligibility criteria and ensure the eligibility batch process is run.
  • Workers need to have an assignment start date that’s before the performance document end date.
  • Workers need to have a manager in their assignment. If a worker doesn’t have a manager, for example, they’re the head of the company, then you can create a dummy manager for them.
  • If the performance template includes a Performance Goals section that doesn’t use synchronized goals, you can create performance documents only for workers who have a goal plan that matches the configuration of the Performance Goals section.

The following 11 steps are required to complete Performance Management setup:

  • Manage performance roles
  • Manage eligibility profiles
  • Manage process flow definitions
  • Manage sections for the process flow
  • Manage performance document type
  • Manage questions
  • Manage questionnaire templates
  • Manage questionnaires
  • Manage performance templates
  • Manage target ratings distribution
  • Manage eligibility batch process

The Performance cycle is comprised of many elements right from Review Period to Performance Document. Figure below shows Flow Diagram of the elements of performance management:

Performance management steps

Performance management feedback


Oracle Fusion HCM offers a comprehensive suite of tools and processes for effective performance management, enabling organizations to align employee performance with organizational goals, provide continuous feedback, and drive employee development and engagement.

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