Obstacles to Achieving Growth:

Many organizations are struggling to understand the skills of their workforce, predict what is needed for future success, and close skills gaps. Employees become frustrated. They lack the guidance to be more successful in their role and adapt to the rapid evolution of skills. They are forced to find what opportunities exist in the organization and try to piece together insights from different experiences.

At the same time, managers are confused and unsure of what actions they should take to grow their team and achieve their team goals. They lack visibility into what the current skills their team has, what they can do to close skills gaps, and how to track the progress of those upskilling and reskilling initiatives. Without the ability to dynamically connect all these solutions, employees have poor visibility into role expectations and career growth, while the business is unable to know and grow the skills people need, and effectively track the progress and impact of upskilling and reskilling initiatives.


Oracle Grow, is a new AI-powered solution that connects learning, skills growth, and career mobility in one personalized experience to deliver self-directed learning, visibility into career growth opportunities, and skills development aligned with business goals. Oracle Grow gives employees a clear vision of the skills they need to advance in their current role, highlights potential opportunities from acquiring new skills, and uncovers possible career paths.

With Oracle Grow, Employee can:

  • Discover personalized growth opportunities, curate learning playlists, and act on continuously evolving recommendations.
  • Create their own goal-based learning playlist with multiple ways to develop such as coaches, classes, gigs, and more.
  • Visualize all the career growth possibilities by discovering different career pathways and AI-recommended roles.
  • Level up their skills and better qualify for a specific career of interest by acting on recommended development journeys.

Empower managers to drive skill development:

Managers play a critical role when delivering a great employee experience. With Oracle Grow, they have the insights and tools to ensure their team is on the right track and cultivating the skills they need to move themselves and the business forward.

With Oracle Grow, Manager Can:

  • Adapt to shifting priorities with a clear picture of their team’s skills and tools to close gaps.
  • Be empowered to adapt to change by personalizing skill requirements for their organization, department, and team.
  • Connect employee development to upskilling priorities through ongoing touchpoints.

Benefits of Oracle Grow:-

  • Unified Growth Experience
  • Oracle Grow provides personalized guidance on the next steps employees should take based on their responsibilities, career interests, desired skills, individual learning styles, and changes in the business.
  • Career Paths
  • Empowers workers to discover different career opportunities in the organization and provides step-by-step guidance and development plans tailored to each individual based on their Oracle Cloud HCM profile. With skills identification, tailored development journeys, and learning resources, Career Paths helps employees uncover and better prepare their qualifications for future roles.
  • Personalized Development Playlists
  • Helps workers curate their own development journey that is tailored to their goals and aspirations. The development playlists in Oracle Journeys enable employees to create unique goal-based content that provides guidance on finding coaches, classes, gigs, internal and external development resources, and more.
  • Enhanced Team Skills Center
  • Enables leaders and managers to monitor skills needs and gaps across their teams and organization, assign specific skills needed to achieve business objectives, and automatically add them to every employee’s Oracle Grow experience.

Case Studies: Successful Integration

Company A

Company A witnessed a significant improvement in employee engagement and skill development after enabling Oracle Grow with Oracle HCM Cloud, leading to enhanced productivity and career progression.

Company B

The seamless integration of Oracle Grow with Oracle HCM Cloud at Company B resulted in streamlined talent management processes and a more cohesive employee experience, driving organizational growth and agility.

Company C

By enabling Oracle Grow in Oracle HCM Cloud, Company C empowered its employees to take charge of their learning and career development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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