Oracle HCM Cloud Release 19B

Oracle recently has released the documentation of what’s new in the latest release 19B. SOAIS had a detailed look at it and found the below ones interesting:

Look and feel

HCM home page is modified to provide great user experience. Till 19A, Springboard, Infolets and Quick actions were available by clicking on ‘Next’ button on the right side of the page, but in release 19B it is redesigned in such a way that all are available in a single page and user just has to scroll down.Also, the user experience has been improved by redesigning the pages to be responsive in any device -laptop or mobile. For example, directory organization chart has been redesigned to increase more visibility and user friendliness. Text and colored strips are added to the focus card to indicate different type of workers, i.e., Employee, Contingent worker.New features Look and feel

Worker Contracts

Workers can view their own worker contracts. Line managers can view the worker contractors of their direct reports and they can extend them if needed.  

New links under My Team

For line managers, under My Team, new actions are added to perform actions related to positions, requisitions and offers. They are as below:

  • Create Job Requisition
  • Convert Vacancy to requisition
  • Request a New position
  • Request a position change

More power to HR Specialists

Access to detailed Worker Historical records has been provided to HR Specialist, HR analyst and Managers. Those who have this role can now correct or delete historical records and view a summary of changes related to assignment attributes. A new attribute, Requisition Template is added on the Manage Position pages where you can select the requisition template for a position. When a requisition is created, then the position details and the information from the requisition template will be automatically populated.

And even more to Implementation Specialists

For doing any template changes (e.g., email content), SR had to be raised, and changes could be achieved only through Oracle support. But now with the 19B update, users have been given access to some of the templates to update on their own.Also, single sign-on can now be enabled by the implementor himself, without raising SR with Oracle.Several changes have been made to ‘HCM Data Loader Import’ and ‘Load Data’ pages. These changes aim to improve performance as well as make it easier to find key information. For instance, a new button ‘Import File’ has been introduced, and there is a ‘Progress Information’ for the in-progress data sets.For HCM data loader, 8 new template spreadsheets have been added as part of this update. As most of you would know, for Interfacing data to other systems, HCM provides ‘Data Extract’ feature. CSV output file format has been introduced to avoid creating CSV template output in BI publisher. The produced CSV output is automatically sent to WebCenter content.

What next?

Need help on the 19B update and how you can leverage it? Contact us, we are ready to help you.

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