In the previous blog, we discussed the new features of Oracle HCM Cloud 19B release. 

In this, we will explain the new features delivered in Recruiting Cloud, Talent Management and Workforce Management. 

Recruiting Cloud

With the new updates, now the candidate can select an interview slot and can cancel the interview if the slot doesn’t suit. Also, the recruiter can now request additional details from the candidate after the initial application is submitted. This helps recruiter take informed decisions.



Another new feature in Recruiting Cloud is Confidential Hiring. Recruiters can add candidates to these confidential requisitions and manage a candidate through the hiring process while the job is still not visible in the job sites.

Candidates can join the talent pool of the organization by providing basic information. Once they are in talent pool, they will be notified of the ‘best fit’ jobs that are posted. 

Finally, 19B is optimized for Google Jobs, so the jobs posted will have more visibility in the web and can target the right candidates. 


Talent Management

Employees can request ‘Any time feedback’, from anyone at any time. They can post a questionnaire and even give a due date to provide feedback. They can even specify whether this feedback can be seen by their managers or not. 



All the requested feedbacks can be tracked in the Feedback page. 


Workforce Management

Lot of improvements have been made to the UI. It sports a modern look and is easy to use in any device. Line managers now can view the schedules of their direct as well as indirect reports, along with the public holiday schedules and the absences. It is aimed at providing a holistic view for the manager to plan things. Time Cards – which can be reviewed, corrected or approved by the manager, has been delivered in the responsive UI as part of 19B. In this, they can also see the overtime period, if any. Another interesting feature is protecting the identity of the employee who wants to donate his accrued leave balance. An option of adding alias instead of the employee’s name has been provided. To know more about Oracle Cloud and how to benefit from it, please write to us

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