Journeys in Oracle HCM Cloud allows organizations to create personalized, step-by-step experiences for employees, guiding them through various processes such as on boarding, career development, performance management, and more

You can create a journey by building on an existing template or creating a brand new template. A journey can be assigned manually or automatically. You can assign a journey to other people or assign it to yourself.

Enable journeys

Enable journeys by setting the ORA_PER_JOURNEYS_ENABLED profile option to Y.

Key Benefits of journeys:

  • Provide personalized employee experiences.
  • Simplify the complex.
  • Unify the employee experience.
  • Create enterprise wide journeys.
  • Extend journeys beyond Oracle.

Maximize the power of journeys by connecting to third party applications while ensuring a consistent user experience and keeping employee data secure

Journey categories

These are some journey categories that you can use for specific purposes:

  • Contextual Journeys to configure tasks that need to be performed by different performers before an HR transaction. For example, tasks that a manager needs to do before a transfer action.
  • Guided Journeys to support users by providing guidance, such as tutorials, company policies, and best practices in the context of an HCM flow. For example, tasks to help a line manager transfer an employee.
  • Survey Journeys to create a survey and assign it to people in your organization. For example, regular pulse surveys to seek feedback on workplace satisfaction or a general survey to provide feedback on the on-boarding process.

Common Types of Journeys:

New Employee On-boarding: Streamlines the on-boarding process, ensuring that new hires have a smooth and engaging introduction to the company.

Role Transition: Helps employees transition into a new role by guiding them through role-specific tasks and training.

Learning and Development: Creates a structured path for professional development, including training courses, mentor-ship, and performance reviews.

Off-boarding: Manages the steps necessary for employees leaving the company, ensuring a smooth transition and completion of all exit procedures.

Life Events: Support employees undergoing significant changes like marriage, childbirth, or relocation.

What’s new with 24A journey:

Checklist and on-boarding tasks are replaced with Journeys in 24 D update:

  • Embedded Application task regions in Journeys Tasks.
  • Open Guided Journeys when using Redwood pages.
  • Support for Redwood Application task in journeys.
  • Open Contextual Journeys when using Redwood pages.
  • Save Contextual Journeys when using Redwood pages.
  • Save Journey templates created in grow as Personal Journey templates.
  • Support for creating learn task in Personal Journeys.
  • New subject areas workforce management guided Journey responses in real-time.
  • Control Display of the Contact Us section in Assigned Journeys.
  • Edit Journey tasks from my tasks tab.
  • Limit Journey task expiry duration.
  • Improved Search Behavior on explore and Activity Journey tab.
  • Improved user Experience when Self Assigning Journeys.

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