Oracle Process Cloud Service

Our organization has a broad range of customers – those with large ERP implementations, complex enterprise architectures with complex application integrations, medium scale enterprises who are exploring the possible areas where they can utilize cloud, and small organizations that require simple applications to run the show.  

Some of the most common requests we get from our customers are applications that should handle employee onboarding, handle IT service requests, travel desk that can handle domestic and international travel, position management system, to name a few.  

If we look at the above requirements, there is one thing in common. They all are business processes.  

To build these applications grounds up with complex logic in them is quite challenging and time consuming.  

One way to provide solution is to utilize a delivered product to suit the requirements, configure/make minor customizations and implement them. Another way is to consider all of these as business processes and use a process framework to solution them.  

What if the business process framework is available on Cloud and all these applications can be easily configured and deployed in no time? Yes – Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) is the answer to the above business needs.  

We can deliver turnkey solutions by configuring the process flow and associated web forms. That is it. PCS can be used to rapidly design, automate and manage business processes on the cloud.

With PCS, you can

  • Build custom applications 
  • Extend SaaS capabilities
  • Bring all processes across functions under one roof thereby enriching user experience
  • Go mobile and increase productivity. You can even add attachments from mobile device.
  • Batch approve requests
  • Reassign or delegate requests

Not just end users, the administrators get a neat looking dashboard where they can track the processes, and thereby business performance. They can detect trends and even anomalies and act on them immediately. For developers, it will be a good experience to see PCS as something that complements Oracle Integration Cloud. Every process created in PCS can be seen as a REST endpoint, which makes it easier to seamlessly integrate with external applications, including Oracle HCM Cloud, OIC, Visual Builder, etc..,In the recent times, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is taking center stage because of the value they deliver to the business. Oracle PCS, because of its ability to connect to third party applications using REST, can do wonders when used strategically with RPAs. Are you looking to automate processes and bring all of them under one roof, so you can manage them better? Reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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