SOAIS does all it takes to keep pace with the evolving cloud offerings from Oracle. Through this write-up, we’d like to share what we see coming up specifically in Cloud HCM bouquet. The SaaS product is already hitting early teens on the number of version releases (thirteen) and Oracle is rapidly adding new features to make it richer and more relevant to customers.

All new customers get to implement Release 13 as they start their Cloud HCM journey and existing customers get to upgrade in the coming months. New customers will be able to get a brand-new Oracle Recruiting Cloud(ORC) solution to address their end to end Talent Acquisition needs.

Here are few FAQs put together by SOAIS, about this new offering (ORC) from Oracle:

How does this new Oracle Recruiting Cloud(ORC) compare to the currently available Taleo solution?

Customers have a choice to evaluate whether the functionality available within Taleo or ORC makes sense for their Talent acquisition needs. While Taleo is already tightly integrated to the Cloud HCM suite,it’s still a different code base. ORC is housed within the Cloud HCM suite, is architected in the same data model and will have the same look & feel of rest of the HCM application. It will be able to leverage the rest of the cutting-edge capabilities of the Fusion platform like in-built analytics, adaptive intelligence including chat bot or location awareness.

What does it mean for existing customers having Taleo along with Cloud HCM?

Existing Taleo customers in the course of moving to new releases, can at some point decide to move to ORC or continue to stay with Taleo. They can decide what makes business sense based on functionality available in the two applications. Both applications are at different levels of maturity in their product life cycle.

Will there a direct upgrade path from Taleo to ORC?

While the “when” (for a direct upgrade) isn’t clear as of now, we understand that it will definitely be offered at some point.

Will ORC be available as a standalone offering?

No, Core HCM will be a prerequisite to purchase Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Will Taleo continue to be available after the launch of ORC?

Yes, Taleo as a product line will continue to be developed, enhanced and sold just like the other Oracle acquired products. So, Taleo customers can expect to get regular product enhancements in the coming years. This will especially be relevant for customers who don’t yet have an Oracle Cloud HCM but plan to get on board in the long run.

If you have more queries on this topic, feel free to contact SOAIS or your Oracle Sales rep.

Source: Oracle Partner webcast in January 2018.

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