Dashboard- In business computer information systems, a dashboard is a type of graphical user interface which often provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process.

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard in Oracle HCM

Dashboards are created from OTBI reports. It is likely that if an OTBI report is created and added to a dashboard, a prompt for the report may need to be created. The report will need to have a filter for the field on the prompt called is prompted. Take note that items for a dashboard cannot be saved in “My Folder.

OTBI Dashboard Builder Workflow-

  • Create an Analysis with prompted Column.
  • Create a Dashboard Prompt.
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Add Pages to Dashboard
  • Linked contents in the dashboard pages.

Development of Simple Dashboard

Step-1- Create Analysis Report (OTBI Report-For OTBI report please follow the link- https://www.soais.com/real-time-reporting-with-otbi/) with below Subject area and column.

Subject Area — Payable Invoice Real Time

Column – Invoice_Number, Invoice_date, Invoice_Amount, Description, Supplier.

Step-2– Apply Is Prompt Filter in the Supplier column.

Step-3- Create Dashboard Prompt 

Navigation—Browse Catalog—Create—Dashboard Prompt

Step-3- Create a Dashboard 

Navigation—Browse Catalog—Create—Dashboard 

Home Page of Dashboard

Development of Simple Dashboard

Add Pages to the dashboard

Add OTBI report in the dashboard

Add Prompt in the dashboard for a filter

Example of a Dashboard

Example of a Dashboard

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