Overview of HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HSDL)

There are many ways of loading data into Oracle Cloud:

  1. HDL (HCM Data Loader)
  2. HSDL (HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader)

In this blog we are going to discuss about HSDL (HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader):

What is HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader?

HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader is a tool that enables you to create use-case specific bulk data loading spreadsheets for business users to use.

HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader loads HCM business objects from spreadsheets, which you generate from spreadsheet templates.

Steps for downloading spreadsheet template from system:

Navigation: My client GroupsàData ExchangeàHCM Spreadsheet Data LoaderàSpreadsheet Templates

spreadsheet templates

Now we will select and open the required template and we can download the template by clicking on Preview.

mobile number update

Steps For Uploading Spreadsheet Data Loader:

In this step, we will validate the template and upload the data.

Validate and Load the Data:

  1. Click Validate to validate the template.

You should not see any errors.

  1. Click Preview to generate a spreadsheet for the configured template. The GenericHdlSpreasdheet.xlsx file will be downloaded. Open it.

3. You must log in again. Click Yes.


Login with your user ID and password. The spreadsheet will be generated with each of the Selected Attributes in the template seen as a column in the spreadsheet.

4. To upload data with the spreadsheet you must first create a data set. Click Create Data

Set on the Spreadsheet Loader toolbar.

Click OK on any dialog pages displayed.

A data set will be created with a defaulted name, you can change this if you want.

Data Set

5. Double click in any of the cells in the first row under the column headings to initiate the row.

Column heading

6. Enter valid data for each of the empty cells in the row.
7. In the Spreadsheet Loader toolbar, click More > Upload.


8. Click Refresh regularly to refresh the spreadsheet row status.


The Upload Progress will change status until processing completes with a Success status.

9. Navigate to the Person Management task to ensure your new hires can be seen.

Advantages of using HSDL (HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader):

  1. The main advantage is the ease of using the tool for uploading the data. It is user friendly as excel is most used application for modifying, Updating and correcting the data.
  2. Upto 65 thousand data can be uploaded into the system in one go without any performance issues. If the data exceeds that number, we can upload remaining data in batches.
  3. The Load errors are displayed in the sheet with error message so that we can easily identify the errors, rectify and reuploaded.
  4. It has the flexibility of preparing our own template as per the business requirements and only consider the required number of columns.
  5. Predefined spreadsheet templates are already available for most of business needs, besides user can also define their own template as per requirement.

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