The purpose of this blog is to explain the process of entering, correcting, or deleting Time entries and absences for employee as well as provide any necessary approval in Workday which result in relevant Time Entry and then feeds and interacts with other areas of the system such as Payroll and Absence Management.

 To speak about the overall view of Time and Absence includes Time which majorly includes Time entries where Absence includes only Time off and Leave of Absence’s.

Different group of workers within an organization may have a different time entry experience than another group of workers based on different requirements. It depends on the country specific policies and related time or absence entries for user based eligibilitilies.

Depending on the time entry or absence entry duration, the significant difference is the duration of leave or time entry is applied. E.g. the time entry duration varies from hours to 1 day (unit basis) specifically where the duration of Time off varies from 1 day or so (example – Sick leave). However, Leave of Absence is a duration of leave applied for a longer period of time likely from weeks to months of duration example an maternity leave.

Leave of Absence not only talks about the duration of leave, but also includes the employee application for leave and request to return to work from leave.

The validation of each time or leave entry includes eligibility criteria, attachments for approval of leave entries. The employee based region and eligibility criteria helps employee to apply specific Leave entries which is country specific. The approval is validated by the specific user based like Line Manger/ Country HR Ops.

Additionally, Time and Absence included Assign work Schedule which includes the employee shift group of time and pattern of working schedule. This is again validated by country specific HR ops and this task help to assign user/ employee to have specific work schedule depending on the working hour.

Screenshot for following task under Time and Absence:

Regardless of how time/Absence is entered into Workday, the following things occur during time/ Absence entry:

  • Time/Absence is entered for a specific hour, day, week or months.
  • Time/Absence calculations are run
  • Calculated time/Absence is entered
  • Time/Absence validations are applied
  • Displayed totals are updated with reported and calculated time
  • Caluclated and Override details balances are calculated
  • Overtime details are calculated
  • Schedule history of employee is displayed.

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