SOAIS teams closely work with PeopleSoft customers’ day in and day out and are best positioned to understand their thought processes and best practices. Here are the top 3 emerging trends on where PeopleSoft customers are focusing in the recent times:

  • Selective Adoption strategy: Most of the customers are now looking to leverage PeopleSoft Update Manager (see SOAIS presentation on PUM at Reconnect 2016 here) to let their functional teams decide what new features they would like to adopt. Customers are looking to fully utilize the benefits of Oracle’s Continuous delivery strategy for PeopleSoft and stay current on the features that they use or specific new ones that will be relevant to them.

  • Fluid UI deployment: This new UI feature is becoming a hot topic of inquiry and adoption. With each new PUM image, the Fluid UI capabilities are getting better and better and customers are lapping up new options of extending PeopleSoft access to other devices. SOAIS is getting exciting feedback on this front.

  • New PeopleTools: For customers happy with application functionality available in older versions of PeopleSoft, many of them have taken the initiative of moving to the latest PeopleTools release. Customers upgrade their PeopleTools version to 8.55 to take advantage of the power of the latest technology designed to improve user experience and expand their reporting and development capabilities — all with the additional benefit of propelling their organization to PeopleSoft’s future foundation.

What actions are you taking with your PeopleSoft application? Contact SOAIS team for more insights on the trends, best practices and help chart your PeopleSoft application roadmap.

Contributed by Prashant

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