PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image #41

Page and Field Configurator Enhancements

Page and Field Configurator feature has been enhanced to support the use of system variables. With this update, system variables such as the current date and ID of the logged-in user can be selected as default field values. Also, the users can use the system variables such as entry mode (add, update the display, update display all, correction), user currency, user language, menu, and portal name as criteria.

EOAW – Transaction Configuration Overrides Enhancements

Enterprise Objects Approval Workflow Framework has been enhanced to specify the People Tools Notification name at the Approval Event level. The notification name defined in the event level overrides the People Tools Notification Name given in the Approval Transaction level. With this enhancement, users can control the notifications from the approval event level.

EOAW – Support of Multiple Mail Recipients Enhancements

Enterprise Objects Approval Workflow Framework has been improved to add multiple addresses to the approval notification email. With this enhancement, all the approvers in the approval notification email can see the participant list.


Express Billing feature has been enhanced to interface with Forms and Approval Builder to create a simple invoice form for users who are not familiar with the detail of creating a Billing invoice. A component interface is now available to access the form in Express Billing where you can access the fields defined in Forms and Approval Builder and process the invoice.

Allow Accounting before E-Invoicing for India GST Invoices

India E-Invoice setup has been improved by adding an option to check e-invoice processing. This option indicates whether your organization requires the invoice reference number (RFN) before performing invoice adjustments on a bill or bill line, and before sending invoice data to Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Contracts, and Project Costing.


Expense Entry has been enhanced to check for duplicate expense lines when the transaction is saved. The system compares expense type, amount, and date to determine whether the line could be a duplicate with a previously submitted expense report. A message is displayed if a potential duplicate expense entry is found, and a Review Duplicate Lines button is available to the employee. Selecting this button takes the employee to a new page to view and provide a reason for the potential duplicate. Approvers have visibility to the new duplicate page as well.

Expenses Skill has been enhanced to be part of PeopleSoft Intelligent Chatbot Assistant from Oracle (PICASO), Employee Digital Assistant. In addition to making inquiries on the status of expense reports, you can quickly add as incurred expenses to My Wallet.

My Proxy Expense Activity and the Performance and Operations dashboards have been added to Kibana analytics. The My Proxy Expense Activity dashboard allows you to view expense reports that you have entered for yourself and others. The Performance and Operations dashboard allows managers to analyze the activity in a department or business unit for compliance with travel and expense policy.

General Ledger

Two new Kibana dashboards have been added to analyze budget versus actual spending. The My Budget dashboard provides budgetary insights for department managers. Filters such as Fiscal Year and Accounting Period can be used to determine a timeframe. Level 2 and Level 3 department nodes can be used to filter departments. There are three different charts that display budget, actual spend, and remaining budget.


Enhanced Supplier and voucher line update withholding processes for improved usability, run control management and messaging of results.

Enhanced the payment request feature to validate duplicate invoice numbers before submission, review, and approval of a request.


The ability to define a payment plan for a customer and generate monthly instalments has been added. You can create a payment plan based on a fixed monthly amount, several months, or a custom plan.

Asset Management

Asset recategorization has been enhanced to allow updates to the asset reporting profile at the same time you recategorize the asset.


Enhanced the Modify End Dates feature to update Project End Date on the Budget Definition component in Commitment Control. Based on the Project End Date and the options on the Grants Business Unit, the Commitment Control End Date field is populated automatically.


The fluid Requisition process has been enhanced by adding the Budget Checking Status and Pre-Encumbrance links to the Create Requisition, Edit Requisition, and Save Confirmation pages. The Pre-Encumbrance link is available on the Budget Information tab of the Distribution page as well. When you do a budget check, the system updates the pre-encumbrance amount and sets the Budget status to Provisionally Valid, Valid, or Error. In case of a budget check error, you can click the Error link and drill into the details to find out the cause.

The fluid Requisition process has been enhanced to allow users to quickly create requisitions for Catalog and Special Request items by using the Express Entry option. This ad hoc requisition entry option can be used when you need to quickly add requisition lines and know the details such as Item ID, Supplier, and UOM. You can directly enter requisition lines by selecting the UOM, Category, Supplier, Manufacture, and other fields associated with the catalogue or special request lines and adding them to the cart.

Supplier Contract Management

Enhanced the DocuSign signing process to allow users to modify recipient information after a document has been submitted for signatures. This feature enables you to modify email address, recipient name, and signing order, or add recipients.


Supplier Public Portal home page has been enhanced by implementing the Supplier Skill for the Supplier Digital Assistant. The skill can be accessed from the User Registration, Public Bidding Events, Events Calendar, Announcements, and FAQs and Contact Us pages as well. Guest users, first-time bidders, or suppliers can use the supplier Skill to inquire about business opportunities. The skill enables them to quickly accomplish different tasks related to user registration and bidding events through real-time communication.

Invoice Mass Maintenance functionality has been enhanced by adding additional fields. Along with the existing fields, users can update the Accounting Date, Credit Analyst, Pay Terms, Bill Inquiry Phone, Letter of Credit ID, and Letter of Credit Document ID fields for multiple invoices.

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