• March 20, 2018
  • Anusha Chandrasekharan
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A two-day event that brought together the PeopleSoft Community in India to collectively gain an understanding of PeopleSoft’s feature enhancements, new tools and strategy. An opportunity to share experiences, success stories and feedback on the PeopleSoft suite.

There were a host of topics that were covered over these two days right from PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, Event Mapping, PeopleSoft Coexistence with Cloud, new tools features, the introduction of Classic Plus UI etc.

Peoplesoft Cloud

Fun workshops and quizzes were scattered around the two day event to help the audience stay engaged. An interesting workshop on ChatBot use cases in the HCM workspace, saw a lot of active participation from the participants. The Chatbot experience brought to light on how an everyday process in the life of HR can be made so easy and fun to use, by the introduction of chatbots. It also surfaced brilliant ideas from the HR experts across India.

Product specific enhancements in the HCM, Finance and Supply Chain domains brought to light Oracle’s continued commitment to the PeopleSoft product. It also highlighted the ease with which a customer can choose to embark on a journey to cloud or co-exist with its PeopleSoft instance along with cloud. It unearthed numerous possibilities that customers could have to maximize their PeopleSoft investment.

Overall a great show from the Oracle PeopleSoft Product group! Thanks Oracle!

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