PeopleTools 8.58

Oracle released new PeopleTools version 8.58 for Cloud Infrastructure and soon will be available on premise. This release is all set to take your PeopleSoft application to next level and reduces the customization cost. Plenty of exciting new features have been provided for smooth business run. Let me take you through few exciting features in this release starting from User Interface.

User Interface:

You will be surprised, beginning with the sign in screen, continuing fluid pages, Classic Plus components etc. Style sheets provides modern look for the page, number of new style sheets have been provided in this release.

Use interface

Interaction Enhancements:

It used to be difficult to access same component in another window, while using fluid pages. This release has given good news that ‘New Window’ feature is carried to fluid pages as well. Also includes feature that previously available in classic components, to display a counter that indicates number of remaining characters in edit boxes and long edit boxes.


PeopleTools 8.58 enhances the ways in which you can personalize related information and analytics. The Related Information pane displays analytics as either links or tiles and related content as tiles only. When you personalize the Related Information pane, you can decide whether to display the links section or the tiles section first.

Configuration and Isolating customization

(I) Event mapping: In previous versions event mapping framework is limited to specific Peoplecode events. Now it supports FieldDefault, FieldEdit, SearchInIt, and SearchSave events for component record fields and SearchInIt and SearchSave events for component records. Event Mapping now also supports records and record fields on subpages and secondary pages at any level of nesting – not just for primary pages explicitly defined in the component. This enhancement also extends support to the Page Activate event for secondary pages and to derived work records.

(II) Drop Zones: Like Fluid pages, Drop Zones are now supported on Classic pages, including Classic Plus. These configurable Drop Zones allow you to add new fields that are displayed and processed on delivered Classic pages without customizing the component or Classic page definition

(III) Application Engine: PeopleTools 8.58 allows to configure application engine plug-in to alter SQL or PeopleCode actions of any application engine program. It works like as event mapping framework where actions belonging to the same step of the same section can have multiple plug-in actions defined. We need to decide which sequence in which order to perform the actions.


(I) Charting: This tool version allows to set threshold limit for data points, where color gradually changes after the threshold limit. We also can create a block to represent threshold instead.

(II) PeopleSoft Query: 8.58 data masking enhancement enables you to mask output and prevents displaying of sensitive output. For BIP reports we can define text for the masked data as a run time parameter.

(III) Run Control ID Management: 8.58 introduces run control ID Management enables us to retrieve, Validate and delete run control ID’s which they have created. Also, administrative users can retrieve, validate and delete any run control ID.

(IV) Report Distribution: While sending notification to users from multiple processes, we can set ‘From’ email addresses from process or job definition level to differentiate each process.

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