Savvy organizations use technology to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. From our experience, what we have seen that when an organization chooses a recruitment application below are the features which they primarily look into:

  • A compelling“frictionless” candidate experience
  • Robust Sourcing and CRM to find right talent
  • Comprehensive support for Recruiting processes.

Among the above, the major gap is to reach hard-to-find talent which can be reduced if the organization is open to post job openings in 3rd part job portals like Naukri, TimesJob, Monster or Social Network like LinkedIn.

When a candidate starts to look for job openings, more possibilities begin to open up for them when a company posts the job opening in the popularly known job portal so that the candidate can quickly and easily opt for those opening.

Both Taleo and ORC (Oracle Recruiting Cloud) have the capabilities to post job opening into 3rd part job portal like Naukri, TimesJob, Monster or Social Network like LinkedIn through a global job posting partner, eQuest.

eQuest has been a certified Oracle/Taleo partner since 1999 — and now services over 2,000 Taleo (TEE and TBE) customers across the globe. Since its inception, eQuest has delivered over 1 billion jobs for Oracle/Taleo customers in over 150 countries.

Any customer having license of Taleo or ORC are entitled to post job openings in couple of 3rd party job boards from a pre-determined list for which no additional license is required from eQuest.

Below are the steps for achieving eQuest -Taleo Enterprise (TEE) integration:

  • Create eQuest Admin Account (eQuest)
  • Configure board options in eQuest
  • Posting accounts to be linked in Taleo

For ORC,the user needs to do an API based integration.

Implementing eQuest’s ORC Integration consists of following steps:

  • Establish eQuest Zone (eQuest)
  • Create eQuest Admin Account (eQuest) – necessary to obtain Reference Key
  • Import packaged eQuest integration – ORC 18b or higher (Client)
  • Create API User Account (Client) – necessary to obtain Reference Key
  • Generate Reference Key (Client)
  • Configure and enable Integration in ORC (Client)
  • Configure board options in eQuest (Client)


If you have more queries or want to seek help in job posting, feel free to contact SOAIS .

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