Process Comparison in Worksoft Certify

  • In the navigation pane, click processes. The process window opens.
  • In Summery pane, right click on a process and choose ‘compare to other process’.


  • The select dialog box opens.
  • Navigate to the folder where the process you want to compare and select the process in summery pane.
  • It will displays these processes side by side in process compare dialog box.

Comparing process

  • You can either select ‘Show details’ from the drop down list in tool bar or you can click on 4 dots in the bottom of comparing process window to show the details.


Select show details from tool bar:

Comparing process tool bar

Select 4 dots button:

Select 4 dots button


  • When we select the step in process tree, the details of the step are displayed in detailed pane for both the processes.

Comparing process 1

  • If a Pencil icon appears next to step, it means that there is a difference between the two steps. When you click on this step, the Details pane highlights the difference.
  • If a Check icon appears next to a step, then it means that there are no differences between the two processes.
  • To edit a step, right click on the step and select Edit.
  • The process editor opens, and you are able to edit your process and save the changes.
  • ‘Plus’ icon means that there are some additional steps in the process whereas ‘Minus’ icon in other process means that those steps are not there in other process.

Comparing process tool bar 1


Advantages of Process comparison:

  • This provides users with better reuse of existing processes when they capture new ones and makes it easier to complete consolidations of existing processes that have lots of duplicates.
  • Users can see if the steps are the same but have different values, or if the process steps and the data are different.
  • We can find the differences between processes easily and quickly we can navigate to process steps to change the data/step.




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