Data privacy has always been important. An organization may possess the personal information of its employees and it needs to keep private so that worker’s identities stay as safe and protected as possible, and the company’s reputation remains untarnished.

Apart from security settings following workday functionalities are very helpful to prevent data theft and to ensure data privacy.

1. Data Masking:

You can mask sensitive data in your tenant. Data masking either masks or substitutes dummy values for actual values to hide data from Workday users. Data masking also hides profile pictures from these users. Workday applies these restrictions when displaying data to individual Workday accounts and security groups with data masking enabled:

  • ***** replaces text values in fields.
  • 01/01/2000 or ***** replaces date values.
  • ***** replaces numeric values.
  • Profile pictures are hidden.
  • You cannot save changes if any field contains sensitive data.

2. Data Purging:

Workday customers may have an obligation under data protection laws to remove personal data when it is no longer needed. In the past, you have had to contact Workday to remove this data. Purge Person Data enables you to purge the data. You select the person whose data is to be purged by creating a custom report that filters the results to include those individuals. The custom report controls, whose data will be purged. By selecting the appropriate data types within the Purge Person Data task or within a purge plan, you choose which data will be purged for the people returned by the custom report you have created.

3. Data Scrambling:

Workday’s Data Scrambler Framework allows you to replace elected fields permanently and irreversibly, with randomly generated new values in a Workday implementation tenant. The scrambler alters original values in a way that they will not be easily derived from the scrambled data. To perform this operation, you need to create Scramble Plans and execute them.

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