Recruiting new talented people to keep your company competitive or grow your business can be demanding and tedious too. Going through spreadsheets, searching job boards, working contact lists, emailing, coordination, paperwork and who has not wasted his time considering the candidate who should never have been in the list.

A good recruiting software can help you automate all the recruitment related process and can save a lot of time and paperwork by making recruitment process faster.

What is recruiting software and How it works?

Recruiting software is all-in-one solution to making the hiring process easier. It can save your time and money by helping you find the best candidates in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. It provides the tools you need to stay organized and the hiring process, from creating job postings to on-boarding your new employees. It lets you post job-postings across multiple platforms, accept applications, establish work-flows, maintain schedules and more, all in one place.

What features should be in a good recruiting Software?

Not all recruiting software are the same, but the best ones offer features that automate the hiring process and reduce the time it takes to fill a position.The software should let you post job listing to multiple websites (including your own) and social media at the same time. Additionally, your recruiting software should allow you to accept resumes and applications online and populate data automatically.It should have the option of creating pre-screening questionnaires to weed out unqualified candidates, then let you quickly search for qualified candidates based on specific criteria, such as experience, school attended and required skills.The best recruiting software also lets you stay organized and keep an eye on the entire hiring process. Look for features like the ability to separate the hiring process by stage and project management tools like to-do lists, contact management and scheduling capabilities.

Why Taleo Business Edition is a good recruiting Software?

Taleo recruit on-demand software provides everything needed to find the best available people. It is easy to configure so it matches with organization’s hiring process. For example, Recruiter might be one to set the position requirements, then Taleo automatically extends the reach, and these requirements immediately flow properly formatted to internal and external websites. You will reach job seekers and referrals through social networking sites.Powerful search features help find qualified candidates in your existing talent pool. So, an organization can setup email campaigns, targeted to bring the candidate that organization looking for. Tools for managing candidates includes pre-screening and ranking to sort out the best candidate and those who do not meet the position requirements.Contact management features, including outlook integration, help co-ordinate approvals, interviews and other tasks.The outlook plugin gives user direct access to the taleo platform without opening a browser or logging in. Recruit will pass outlook email attachment for work experience, education, contact details and other relevant information and import it into recruit database.Taleo business Edition will make your recruiting process faster, automate your job listing, interviews, feedback and offer process. It has all the features that a good recruiting software must have.It will make you very happy to on-board a well-qualified employee for your organization.

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