Before you start building your processes in Certify, you must set up your SAP environment to work with Worksoft Certify. The SAP GUI needs to be configured to support the script recording and playback feature of the Certify SAP Learn (Live Touch) utility.

  1. From the SAP GUI toolbar, click the ‘Customizing of Local Layout’ button and select Options.
  2. The SAP GUI Options window appears. Go to Accessibility & Scripting and select Scripting, verify the Enable scripting field is checked. Verify the boxes are not checked for the two sub-options: Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI and Notify when a script opens a connection. Click the Apply button to save the changes and OK button to close the window.
  3. If you get the below message (popup), then it means that your SAP GUI is not configured to support the script. In this case follow/perform the step # 1 and step # 2.
  4. How to set your modal properties – From the SAP GUI menu bar select Help > Settings. The Personal Settings dialog box for the current user will appear. In the Display section, select the ‘in Modal Dialog Box’ radio button.
  5. Then click the F4 Help tab. In the Display section, select ‘Dialog (modal)’ and click the Save (tick) button to close the window.
  6. It is always good to know about the applied format for date, time and number or set your own format (customer specific, if any) before you start building your processes. To set or know the current format, go to SAP GUI menu System > User Profile > Own Data.

  7. In the User Profile screen under the Defaults tab, you can change these formats as per your given requirement.

    Contribution by Gautam Jha

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