Oracle’s Open World last week reiterated Oracle’s commitment to building the best for its customers. This included taking the latest innovations in technology help HR teams reimagine people and talent processes to make work more human. This paves the way to build stronger teams faster, reduce employee turnover and enhance the employee experience.

Employee expectations continue to change faster than most organizations can evolve or invent experiences for and this constant flux requires HR teams to constantly innovate and adapt.

By continuing to integrate the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations strive to simplify the complex and deliver the best possible employee experience.

A similar attempt was made by one of SOAIS’s customers. The customer is a 23000+ employee IT services organization, with a large portion of the employee base from the millennial generation and spread across 13 countries.

An employee engagement chatbot was introduced within the customer’s organization to process all queries from employees. However, the challenge was to decipher the employee request, route the query to the right source of information and present it back to the employee, before the wink of an eye. Since PeopleSoft was the central source of truth for all things HCM, customer’s CIO team was looking to leverage conversational platforms for employees to access their HR helpdesk or information requests from PeopleSoft.

An example of an employee query to the chatbot is to provide his real time leave balance. For those familiar with leave processing within PeopleSoft HCM, would be aware that Peoplesoft Absence forecast runs an extensive series of queries and processes to calculate the leave balance as on a specific date for a leave type, and is a time-consuming task in contrast to the highly interactive expectation of an Employee Chatbot.

The SOAIS dream team, at the customer site, was put to work – Designing a solution with the knowledge of the audience as well as the source system’s behavior, was a humongous task – Finally, after evaluation of many solutions proposed, a simple solution, that provided the employee with an immediate response as well as provided him with the details requested, was panned out.

The Solution:

The solution was made out to be as simple as it can get.

  1. The requests from the employee was received by the Chatbot and translated into a request that PeopleSoft can understand. In addition, an immediate response was sent to the employee from the chatbot that the details will be sent to him by email soon.
  2. PeopleSoft then processed the request and retrieved the information requested by the employee.
  3. The information was then emailed to the employee as soon as it was made available by PeopleSoft.

The customer was wowed by the solution – practical and simple in approach, yet highly effective in satisfying the employees’ request. This seamless solution proved to be very user-friendly and was well received by the employees. This intriguing solution is also an example of how to leverage technology to meet simple requests.

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