Scaling Oracle Cloud HCM for Covid-19 Absence

Few Indian State Governments have issued directives to employers requiring them to grant 28 days paid leave to employees affected by COVID-19. Employers would be obligated to provide such additional paid leave to their employees.

Given the communicable nature of the disease, Employers have been advised to allow affected employees to proceed on paid leave.

The SOAIS team was challenged to scale the Oracle Cloud Absence application to accommodate Covid-19 in a very short span of time for one of our HCM client, with the following available features and restrictions. The SOAIS team spun its magic and came up with the solution below:

The new leave will have below attributes:

• A new leave type created for India legislation named “Covid-19 Leave” & assigned to employees working from respective states where this law is enforced

• As per state government law, this was Effective from 5th Mar 2020 and hence, it can only be applied on & after 5th Mar 2020. Even admins can not apply this leave beyond this date in current calendar year. 

• Covid-19 Leave can only be applied by Admin team 

• Leave days will be counted in calendar days and can be applied on week off & public holidays.

• Doctor Medical certificates are necessary to attach while applying this leave.

Considering, future aspect, we have also kept privileges ready that at any point of time (based on requirement) Covid-19 leave can be rolled out to the Employee & their respective Matrix manager with the flow of Absence approvals.

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