Steps to install Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile App

What is Oracle Cloud Mobile Apps?

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mobile app let you review alerts, notifications, and limits on the go. Quickly access information about infrastructure resources, billing, and usage data from your mobile device, Mobile is everywhere and has changed nearly every facet of our lives. The way we work, socialize, interact and play with one another have all been change by mobile devices. More than 81% of the world’s population now carries a smartphone. Mobile apps that delight and grab end users are now a fundamental section of any successful organization’s digital strategy.

Why Oracle Cloud Mobile Apps?

Oracle has released the Mobile Cloud Service. Oracle cloud Mobile apps will help you build better and faster apps. We can create and deploy mobile apps less than an hour without any coding.

Oracle cloud mobile apps

Key Feature-

  • Speed and Agility

  We can create app with the help of browser with single button publishing.

  • Open and Flexible

 What you see is what you get advantage visual designers to build your application

  • Collaboration

Access a pre-populated Oracle SaaS/Paas/Laas catalog and any other API’s services to integrate with various data resources and function.

Configure the Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile app

Configure the Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile App

Steps to install and configure the app on Android and iOS mobile devices are the same, except where indicated:

  1. Download Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile from the app store or play store. On Android devices or iOS devices.
  2. Accept the end user license agreement (EULA) to proceed to the sign in page. From there on, you will have the same user experience on the desktop and mobile.
  3. Paste the entire HCM Cloud application URL on the Getting Started page. For example:
    1. HCM Desktop URL:

You can change this later if you want to. Alternatively, go to Settings and change the primary account host name.

Note: If you can’t access the application using the mobile app, try accessing it using the mobile browser. If you still can’t sign into the mobile app, contact your HR department.

  • If you want to add more accounts, tap Settings on the Getting Started page and do these things:
    • Swipe the Multiple Accounts option to On.
    • Add the environment URLs for the other accounts.
Oracle Security


  • Use policies to achieve secure access and manage data, federate with Enterprise SSO, and integrate with Social Networks
  • Role-based security at the API level
  • Mobile backend as security container
  • SSO with Oracle Identity Cloud, SAML, JWT


The Limits displays details about your current service limits and usage. The service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. For example, your tenancy is allowed a maximum number of compute instances per availability domain.

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