PeoplesoftTools 8.57

Oracle continues to invest in enriching PeopleSoft as a product and announced release of a new version of the technology backbone of PeopleSoft – PeopleTools. There many exciting features that will make it compelling for our customers to consider moving to PeopleSoft 8.57.

SOAIS has distilled the top 10 reasons to help customers in their decisions to get there:

  1. Personalized Analytics notifications

This is one of my favourites. End users can now configure and get notifications when specific business events are triggered i.e. they can use Pivot Grids and set threshold limits for certain business events. When data in the system hits these threshold limits or range, the user would get notified. Notifications can be either in the home page or by email.


  1. Cloud Manager 

Use latest Cloud Manager and subscribe to the PeopleTools 8.57 channel. This will automatically download the complete release, along with PeopleTools patches as they are made available. You can utilize the one-click PeopleTools upgrades offered by Cloud Manager, which has significantly increased levels of automation to run and maintain PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Cloud.


  1. UI enhancements 

There are significant UI enhancements to improve the look and feel / navigation. For example, the Home page and dashboards have cool new colour scheme. Analytics and related information tiles are now unified and is one simple view rather than navigate multiple tabs.


  1. Dropzone  

When delivered pages are customized, they add a lot of overheads to maintain and are difficult to upgrade. Dropzone is a new feature in PT 8.57 – it is place holder for the customer to add new fields or grids within a page. Several parts of the application (currently in Fluid Pages and later in Classic pages) will have Dropzones where customers can add custom objects and not worry about them during future upgrades.


  1. Fluid Grid  

Enhanced Fluid Grid capabilities allow end users to personalize searches, save them, download to excel, which were all originally present in the Classic pages.


  1. Search Results 

Easily narrow down your search results after one has done the free text search. The end user can narrow down the search by providing criterion with multiple values of each facet.


  1. Fluid Page preview

App Designer is now equipped to help a PeopleSoft developer preview how the Fluid page renders in a browser. It will be very close to what the end users will experience and there by increases speed to complete development cycle.


  1. Page Properties 

Context Sensitive Page properties

(editable) will make the Application designer become more productive and efficient. The developer does not need to jump between different windows to navigate to different page properties.


  1. Deployment Packages

Going forward from 8.57 tools, only Deployment packages (DPKs) can be used to automatically setup environments across all tiers, setup database connections and initial environment configurations.


  1. Kabana

Along with Elastic Search, Kabana will be bundled along with the core PeopleTools. Most customers already use Kabana separately to get dashboards for the Elastic search performance or resource utilization – now it will come bundled along with the deployment package and eventually have default Kabana dashboards too, so that Elastic searches can be optimized.


This version of PeopleTools is initially available only for customers with PeopleSoft deployments on Oracle Cloud – plan is to make it available for on-premise downloads from January 2019. Stay tuned with SOAIS as we bring you the latest and greatest of what’s happening in the PeopleSoft space.


Source: YouTube video.


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