Oracle recently released Peopletools 8.56 with several new options to enable PeopleSoft customers increase ROI of their investments in PeopleSoft while also going in the direction of Cloud. Here is feature summary of SOAIS’ Top 10 reasons to upgrade to this version.

  1. Personalization: End Users accessing fluid homepages using a small form factor device, such as a Smartphone, can now personalize fluid homepages on the Smartphone.
  2. Uniform UI: If your end users are interacting with both fluid and classic components, having classic components and fluid components display with similar styling creates a more uniform experience.
  3. Hide Input display: You may not want to expose some field data online, such as passwords, PIN numbers identification numbers, and so on. For edit boxes, you can use the password and Input Only display options to prevent:
  • End users from seeing actual field values
  • Field values being sent to the browser in page HTML.
  1. Search tool change: In PeopleTools 8.56, Elasticsearch is the only search engine supported by Peoplesoft. The option to use Secure Enterprise Search (SES) or Verity will no longer be available in PeopleTools 8.56.
  2. Regional Date Settings in Reports: PeopleSoft 8.56 has a mapping table to the industry standard IANA time zone IDs, and is managed from the Time Zone Mapping page. When Displaying date-time, time or number values in a report, you may format these values according to the PeopleSoft regional settings personalization formatting options. This feature enables you to apply regional settings personalization to online reports in the browser and reports run through PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.
  3. Oracle Documents Cloud: PeopleTools 8.56 supports Oracle Documents Cloud as a cloud content source. It enables you to attach files from the Oracle Documents Cloud. You can attach single or multiple files in one operation. This feature promotes collaboration and document sharing by enabling users to attach documents that are relevant to their business processes supported by PeopleSoft.
  4. Enterprise Manager Metrics: With this release of PeopleTools, PeopleSoft supports Enterprise Manager 13.2. The Enterprise Manager Plug-in in 8.56 is Re-Architected to leverage JMX metrics gathered by PeopleTools to reduce monitoring overhead. The plug-in also supports hybrid agents to manage PeopleSoft environments provisioned on the Oracle Cloud.
  5. PUM Enhancements: New information will be provided on the PeopleSoft Update Manager homepage to help the technical and business analyst evaluate the status of maintenance and new features. PeopleTools is adding the ability to differentiate all the delivered changes between maintenance or bugs and new feature or enhancement. Separating these two will give you a better understanding of the health of the system as well as the number of new features you have or could adopt.
  6. Merge Change Package Definitions: In PeopleTools 8.56, users will be able to merge the contents from multiple change package definitions into a single package that can be uses to apply maintenance to a system. Instead of requiring complicated selection scenarios or multiple maintenance passes, users can now select what they want, create multiple change package definitions, and merge them prior to running the maintenance process.
  7. PTF Enhancements: New to PeopleSoft Test Framework will be the ability to drive a test directly from the results of a query with this feature, you will be able to execute a PeopleSoft Query from the PTF client at back-end, and run a test using the results to populate test date. Now your quality assurance engineers will have a much easier time building test cases that are portable and can execute many times, regardless of the state of the test data. PeopleSoft Test Framework introduces feature to enable automated recording of the drag and functionality within Fluid Applications

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