Oracle introduced its plan to enhance its human resources software for businesses by integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. The addition of these features aims to assist in various tasks, including the drafting of job descriptions and employee performance goals. Generative AI systems, such as ChatGPT, which can generate human-like responses to prompts, have become increasingly popular in the technology sector. As part of the software update, Oracle will introduce a button feature in several fields, enabling the automatic generation of draft text for job listings, performance goals, and other related areas. It gives workers embedded generative AI assistance to help complete more tasks in less time and to help create a more fulfilling work environment while keeping sensitive and proprietary information secure.

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM:-

Oracle recently unveiled the integration of Generative AI functionalities in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. These augmented capabilities seamlessly incorporate into existing HR processes to expedite business value, enhance productivity, elevate employee experiences, and streamline overall HR operations. New GAI capabilities within Cloud HCM work to enhance pre-existing embedded AI features, looking to optimize productivity for candidates, employees, managers, and HR teams. Capabilities include Assisted Authoring for content creation, Suggestions for natural language processing, and summarization of key insights. This purpose-driven solution seamlessly connects all human resource processes from recruitment to retirement.

Save time while elevating employee experience

The information shared during “moments that matter,” such as performance evaluations and development conversations, heavily influences employee engagement and satisfaction. Generative AI-powered capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM can shorten the time to create quality content for key candidate and employee experiences, including suggestions for goal descriptions, development advice, and performance summaries. Customers can choose to train the generative AI model to create content matching the organization’s style and tone.

Advantages of deploying Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM:

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM enhances task completion and cultivates a more enriching environment, all while safeguarding sensitive information. Critical moments in the workplace, such as performance assessments and development discussions, significantly impact employee satisfaction. GAI in Cloud HCM enhances the quality of these pivotal moments by:  

  • Providing Candidates with a summary of their most suitable capabilities for the position 
  • Offering employees suggestions for goal descriptions  
  • Drafting development tips for managers to support employee success and career development 
  • Creating performance review summaries by analysing data sources.

Transform how work gets done:

Generative AI can help reduce the time to complete routine tasks, shifting resources for more complex and strategic work. Generative AI-powered authoring in Oracle Cloud HCM enables your workforce to quickly compose content to streamline and simplify day-to-day HR activities such as building knowledgebase articles, developing surveys, and creating job postings.

With Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM, your employees can:

• Construct knowledgebase articles to answer frequently asked questions with less time and effort.

• Suggest survey questions to drive higher response rates and give you a better understanding of employee needs and sentiment.

• Create engaging job posting descriptions that distinctly convey a position’s requirements and success criteria.

Deploy with Oracle Cloud HCM security and performance

As employee demand rises for generative AI, leaders must mitigate associated concerns and risks when deploying it across the organization. Built on Oracle’s AI infrastructure, the generative AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM deliver high levels of security and performance within a single unified platform.

With Oracle Cloud HCM you can:

  • Helps reduce the complexity of deploying generative AI with an AI infrastructure to deliver high levels of security and performance.
  • Get the best results while reducing undesirable side effects with built-in generative AI prompts to help mitigate factual errors and bias.

• Give employees on-demand generative AI assistance–with actions that trigger only by an employee’s command so they can use tools the way they believe best.


Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM enables employees to improve productivity in existing HR processes, help produce better results, and build a more positive working environment. By leveraging a unified HCM solution and AI infrastructure, your organization can deploy generative AI services in less time and with guardrails to deliver business value faster and keep private data secure.

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