Generally when we execute any script, it may not work well right away because of the need for the Application Under Test to be open and ready for execution. Once the execution is complete, there is also a need to cleanup the environment and make way for the next execution.Worksoft Certify has this amazing feature called “State Processes” to address this.State Process are useful when you want to include Start and End script automatically during your Certify process execution for the application under context.

State Processes are categorized into two types,

  1. Start Process
  2. End Process

Please find the below steps to achieve this functionality,


  1. Open Worksoft Certify
  2. Navigate to the Project tab and select your Project
  3. Navigate to Application Versions tab
  4. Right-click on the Application Version and select Edit State Processes
  5. Choose your Start Process and End Process,Click OK.
  6. Execute

You should now see the Start and End process executing automatically for the process that has the application under context.

  1. Start Process will execute before executing your application context step.
  2. End Process will execute after executing all the processes in the End to End.

Please find some State Process scenarios below,

Scenario 1:

What will be the behaviour of Certify if one process has multiple application steps and each application has its State Processes configured ?


Certify will execute respective Start Processes of the application context steps before executing them. End Process will be executed at the end of the execution(be it single transaction or E2E) in the same order it executed the Start Processes.

Scenario 2:

What if we configure only one of the State Processes ?


If you configure only one of the State Processes (Start/End), it executes only that particular process as there is no mandate on configuring both the State Processes. If you have only the Start Process configured, it executes it before executing your first application context step. If you have only the End Process configured, it executes it at the end of the process execution.

Please watch the below video to see the feature in action
Play the Video
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