UTTARA –a Chatbot for PeopleSoft

In a recent video (see ‘PeopleSoft talk with Marc Weintraub‘), Rebekah Jackson, VP, Product Management  for Oracle shared insights on Roadmap of PeopleSoft in 2019 and she highlighted that one of the focus is Chatbots.

She said, “We are investing first and foremost in chatbots. We will be shipping our first bots this year in 2019. Once the initial chatbots are out, we will deliver more and more of them. Conversational interface is the key”.

To deploy these new features,your PeopleSoft instance needs to be in application ver. 9.2 and at the latest tools release. But what if your PS application is not in ver. 9.2 and you still want to leverage innovative technologies like chatbot without an expensive upgrade- SOAIS has a solution for you.

We have created a flexible and secure custom chatbot named “Uttara” which can be easily integrated through various communication channels like Skype, Google Assistance, Facebook, Slack, Amazon Alexa etc. with your PeopleSoft application.

A chatbot can give organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to processes and can help reduce the operating cost of an organization where chatbots can do the work of a help desk, or enhance the user experience with conversation-based interactions over a form-driven process.

Beside above advantage of user experience below are few of the use cases of having a chatbot:

  • Approval Management: User can easily process the pending approvals through chatbot.
  • Employee Information: Access employees’ Personal details
  • Absence Management: Quickly fetch leave balance or holiday calendar.
  • Time Entry: Request for effort booking
  • Campus Solutions: Chatbots is the technology which can be extensively used to engage students and help them communicate with application.

Below is a screenshot of conversation screen with our Uttara chatbot

Want to have a POC for your PeopleSoft application? Feel free to contact SOAIS .

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