workday assistant

Workday Assistant is a digital assistant chatbot designed to help you conversationally complete tasks and retrieve information within Workday. Assistant uses natural language processing (which is a way for computers to analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language) to extract meaning from a user’s input and take the appropriate action. This enables us to interact with the system in a conversational manner, much like you would with another human.

For example, if you want to know your vacation balance, you can simply ask “What is my vacation balance?” or “How much vacation time do I have?”. Because users ask questions in many ways, Assistant uses statistical modeling and machine learning to determine the user’s intentions and provide the same answers each time quickly and accurately.

With Assistant, one can:

  • Give feedback to a coworker
  • Initiate a location or supervisory organization change
  • Request time off and view balances
  • View worker and manager information


Workday Assistant is available within Workday (both desktop and mobile) or within natural work spaces outside of Workday (such as Slack and Microsoft Teams).

Workday Assistant is included at no charge with your Workday subscription and is currently available in English only. Workday Assistant is now generally available as of 2020R1 and requires a signed Innovation Services Agreement to use.

Some of the Tasks workday can perform:

We can also ask Workday Assistant “What can you do?” to see a list of its functionality, to which we are regularly adding new conversational flows.

  • Worker data: Edit worker information, request reference letter, edit dependents information
  • Performance: Give feedback
  • Time off: Request time off, view time off balance
  • Pay: view pay slips, view direct deposits, view bonuses, stocks, insurance policies, download tax forms, expense reimbursements.
  • Recruiter: Candidate status
  • Time tracking: Approve time sheets, clock in clock out.

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