Workday for Microsoft teams is a futuristic approach to extend the power of Workday into leading Work spaces that the customers use every day and spend lot of time on. It would be a great idea to accomplish everyday tasks quickly with Workday through Teams and capturing data with MS teams like give feedback to coworkers, request time off, and enter receipts into workday without having to leave Microsoft teams. Isn’t it fascinating?


Workday has developed an application for Microsoft teams that needs install.  Let us get started by typing “Hi”, Workday replies with list of tasks that it can perform in teams

get started

Some of the tasks that done on teams are:

  • Lookup Coworker: This helps us to connect with our coworker and view all the key contact information, Position, location, direct manager. Also, it links to their Workday profile.
Get connected
  • Giving feedback: Feedback and recognition is essential within the team as it boosts the morale of the team members, now its upper easy and we can give feedback at any time. The coworker will be immediately notified within the teams
Recognize great work
  • Create Expenses:

This is a cool feature where we can upload the receipt and automatically the expense item. So this helps to save time in creating expense report

Save Time on Expenses
  • Time Off balance and Request leave:

After all the hard work if you want to check the number of leaves in your balance, just click on time off balance task. You can also request leave from the same app. We can use the natural language for any day or any specific date while applying the leave or date range.

Manage Time Off
  • Interview feedback :

 This feature helps for workday recruitment, where one can make the hiring decisions faster by gathering the feedback provided the interviewers on the panel. In case, they are delaying to share the feedback then we can notify them

Make Your Next Hire
  • Ask Workday:

This is connected with Workday assistant, one can ask information about payroll, benefits, tax, bonus etc. So this is compatible to answer any question which Workday assistant covers. To avail this feature we need to install Workday assistant

Ask Workday

In short one could tell this collaboration would be useful to:

  • Find and develop network with someone without having the trouble to switch between the tools. 
  • Increase employee engagement and provide feedback for great work.
  • Manage time off by quickly checking balances and submitting requests in the moment.
  • Save time our time on creating expense reports by simply taking a picture of a receipt.
  • Accelerate hiring decisions by quickly gathering interview feedback on job candidates.

Workday for Microsoft teams is available for all customers, but it requires signed Innovation Services Agreement and it is recommended to install Workday assistant for better experience

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