Workday HCM – SAP Payroll Integration

Workday is a cloud-based software focused in Human Capital Management and Finance management. HCM in a single sentence is nothing but overseeing your (Employee) representative individual and private information in a single tool. Workday does the same and helps the Managers and HR’s to perform talent management, payroll, time tracking, compensation, workforce planning and recruiting in a single tap and in a single page.

Many companies are using Workday for people management such as Recruitment, Hiring, Onboarding, Change Job, Termination, International Transfer and in some company’s payroll related activities are performed in some third-party systems. I am taking a case where workday is used for core HR and SAP for Payroll and the data must flow from Workday to SAP for successful payroll run. Once data flows into SAP, it sits in different Info-types.

In SAP, info-type is an information table which stores logical related data. Info-types are specially designed only for SAP HR module. It denotes as an information type and the data for the employees would be maintained in info types.

In Workday all the employee relevant data are added in different screen one after the other as part of complete business process. But in SAP these data are split into different Info-types like Personal data, Bank Details, Payment Details, Work Schedule etc…

Below Table illustrates where employee data is stored in SAP. To view these info Types in SAP, go to T-Code PA20 (Display Employee Details), input the employee number and then Info Type number.

Sl. No Information Type Info Type Number
1 Actions Info type 0
2 Organizational Assignment Info Type 1
3 Personal data Info Type 2
4 Payroll Status Info Type 3
5 Address Info Type 6, Subtype 0, 1, 9000
6 Planned Working Time Info Type 7
7 Basic Pay Info Type 8
8 Bank Details Info Type 9
9 Recurring Payments/ Deductions Info Type 14
10 Additional Payments Info Type 15
11 Contract Elements Info Type 16
12 Family Member/Dependents Info Type 21
13 Education Info Type 22
14 Qualifications Info Type 24

In the above table I have mentioned about few important info types, but this will give an impression of how data from workday positioned in SAP system. Info type details may vary from company to company.

Workday screen displaying Personal Information

workday screen display

In SAP personal information will be stored in Info-Type 2.

SAP personal information

Contact Information in Workday

information in workday

In SAP employee address will be stored in Info-Type 6 subtype 1.

Workday display addresses

The above mapping details between Workday HCM and SAP Payroll should be helpful in building any interface for the data to flow from Workday to SAP.

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