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Today’s world demands us to be up-to-date and have information at our fingertips 24/7.For this, we need to be continuously connected. Our employee needs to be continuously updated about their tasks and critical information. Managers should be able to supervise their teams anywhere and should be equipped to approve leaves or requests any time with a single click.

Workday mobile is a feature from Workday that helps us to do exactly that. This can be accessed by both mobile browser and application. The Application is available in both Google play store and Apple store.

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The key features of Workday mobile are:

  • Time tracking
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Request time off
  • Recruiting
  • Pay and compensation
  • Expense management
  • Learning
  • Inbox approvals
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Organization chart.


Workday mobile can prove beneficial to the organization in the following aspects:

  • Equipping the Workforce: Mobile version aids workers to spend more time with customers. With Workday mobile, workers can submit requests for time off or expense reports, check on projects, submit their benefits enrollment, and enter time spent on activities in real time


  • Intuition and action at the Fingertips: This applications offers more than just notifications. It helps us to keep up with your current work tasks and provides the insight to make decisions quickly. In case if our mobile gets stolen, we need not worry as the data will be safely stored in the cloud not on the device.


  • Effective Management: we can be able to engage and manage our employees even on the days when you are out of office. Workday for mobile gives us access to valuable information about our team or individual employees from anywhere at any time. View team calendar activities or review information on team compensation or performance management. Drill into individual details about each employee to stay up-to-date with team. And take quick action on tasks such as approving expenses or time off.


  • Mobile pay:Few Workday users prefer to use workday mobile than the web version. In the recent update Workday 2020 R1 gives users a better visual experience. If they are looking for detailed payroll information, this can mean zooming in on small type to learn about the next pay date, pay history or year-to-date net pay.

Advantages of Workday Mobile:

  • Easy– It is very easy to configure and simple to use
  • Effective – It has been designed optimally for self service
  • Secure – Bio metrically secured
  • Access anywhere and anytime


Deployment and management of workday in mobile is easy and simple, it is similar to the web version. Also, since it uses the security model as the rest of the workday, we can access across the workday components within the application without any hassle.


What are you waiting for? Check out Workday for mobile in Google play store and iPhone App store. Instead you can even access through the mobile web browser.


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