In today’s fast growing business environment, leaders need to analyze their data and put insights into the hands of workforce.  This would enable the workforce to take a fully informed decision. But still many organizations are still facing challenges in bringing together the data they need maintaining its fidelity and providing access to the decision makers without making any comprise in the security.

What is Prism Analytics?

Prism analytics is a workday tool that allows you to combine your Workday data with external data and blend it together for the purposes of consumption within reports, dashboards and discovery boards in Workday. This allows us to plan, analyze, execute take actions and make decisions in one single place.

What is Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics addresses these problems in HR and Finance. With a self-service analytics solution built right into the system of record, we can keep our most sensitive data where our permissions are set, enrich our financial and people data with data from any source at any scale, and visualize and distribute insights to anyone in our organization. Prism analytics is empowering to make better business decisions and drive performance like never before.


Business Overview

Executives, managers, and frontline decision-makers in the business rely on much more than financial and HR information to make decisions. They need data from other sources like their CRM, point-of-sale, or industry specific systems that can give a full picture of their business trends. Workday makes it easy to get a current, reliable, and singular view of the business by bringing all that data together with integration and data management capabilities.

Self-Service Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics gives analysts a secure place for business data that they can prepare, blend, and analyze with no coding or special licenses required. They can then share these insights with the colleagues and executives within the organization.


IT Agility

Workday Prism Analytics lets IT teams set security that adapts and fits the needs of the business. And because Workday Prism Analytics is a fully cloud-based service, workday does the heavy lifting to maintain and update software. This enables IT teams to deploy faster, while still getting the performance and scalability of Hadoop, Spark, and the latest storage and processing technologies.

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