Workday Release

Workday released WD 2020R1 as a successor of WD 33- This release is loaded with many new features and improved performance. WD 2020R1 was available from March 7,2020.

WD 2020R1

Some of the interesting features included in WD 2020R1 are:

  • Workday Assistant

Self-service just got even easier. Workday Assistant significantly improves self-service capabilities on common Workday tasks via chatbot. A benefit for both employees and managers, Workday Assistant provides clear instruction on how to perform tasks, retrieve information and completing actual tasks in Workday in a simple, conversational tool


  • Worker Start Date Corrections

With the new release, we can now easily respond to blocking events when we correct the hire date for a worker by automatically processing date changes. This will help to respond flexibly to changing circumstances with minimal manual effort.


  • Correct Move Worker (Supervisory)

It enables us to correct individual Move Worker (Supervisory) events in the mass Move Workers (Supervisory) business process so that we can change effective dates on individual workers within a mass process.


  • Autocomplete Staffing Processes

Workday 2020R1 will enhance our ability to automatically complete staffing business processes and sub processes initiated from Workday Recruiting. This will help to reduce the need to manually process staffing tasks, compensation sub processes, and other steps to provide more streamlined management of internal candidates and workers.


  • Prevention of Duplicate Records During Hiring and Contracting

Workday has improved searching for pre-hires and former workers. When we hire employees or contract contingent workers by using additional personal information, this helps us to avoid creating duplicate records. They have enabled you view personal and staffing information in our search results to see if existing records are available, enabling you to quickly hire or contract the correct person.


  • Time Zones

Workday has enabled the Workday 32 – Time Zones feature by default and use that functionality to access the time zones for users not on Pacific Standard Time. This will help to provide accuracy in business process routing, data management, and security groups.


  • Google Calendar Interview Scheduling Integration

Workday 2020R1 will improve the ability to manage interviews by enabling us to integrate interview scheduling in Workday with Google Calendar. We will be able to access information from calendars as we schedule or reschedule interviews, create interview teams, and manage interview feedback in Workday.


  • Save Filters and Sorting on the Candidate List

Workday can store filter and column sorting we apply on the candidate list grid of a job requisition. Workday can preserve the options we select when we refresh the page or take an action during a session, reducing manual effort and providing a consistent user experience.


  • Learning Recommendations

Workday has improved Learning Recommendations by applying the Exclude from Recommendations setting across all learning recommendations in Workday. WD will remove enrolled content and only recommend blended courses where learners can take action, making it easier for them to discover relevant content. They are making the Progress data visualization worklet on the Learning dashboard interactive, improving learner engagement.


  • Learning Assignments

Workday will introduce assignment records, simplifying how we create assignments when mass enrolling, assigning learners to teams, and campaigning content. The new assignment records functionality will enable us to report on compliance statuses from 1 place. WD also streamline compliance by promoting awareness of required content and support retraining by automatically creating retraining assignment records when learners successfully complete content with expiration dates.


  • Learning Prerequisites

Workday has made it easier to manage and control your learning catalog. We will be able to define a learner’s completion of 1 or more courses or programs as a prerequisite to their enrollment, consumption, or completion of other learning content.


  • Mobile Pay Information

Workday will update the mobile user experience for self-service users who access their payment information, improving how they review their information with a detailed breakdown of updates such as intuitive tables and graphs. This helps us to understand the pay information, reducing the need to zoom in to read detailed information.

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