Working with Dynamic Objects in Silverlight

We want to use dynamic window and objects while developing Worksoft Certify automation scripts in Silverlight because:

  • It will work irrespective of whether it is win 32/64 bit OS, unlike static objects.
  • We can consider the required attributes which is more static in nature.
  • Chances failure of objects is very less compared to static objects, when the application is upgraded.

For this will consider one sample core app and that is Acrobat Reader DC app and Suppose in that we want to click on Help


Steps to perform action:

Step1: First Learn this window and Objects using Certify Silverlight Learn as shown below,

Certify silverlight learn

Step2 : Create step for Dynamic window as shown in below screenshot, because we need to identify window first

Application version

Step3:  In Action give any name to moniker, give search in and Search for property where you are searching, Specify the depth of search and give appropriate attribute which is stable.

Step 3
new match

Step4: Create step for object and specify necessary action for required object

Application version 1
  • Give moniker name, give previous window moniker name in search in, because you need to find object in that window.
  • Give search for as specified in control type from certify SilverLight learn
  • Give required search depth as descendant
  • Provide suitable attribute
Step 4

Step5: Perform the required action to the specified object as shown below

Application version 2

Here provide the name of the moniker specified in object moniker in order to perform required action to the object.

step 5

Step6: Finally in order to click on Help using Dynamic window and object, below 3 steps shown in screenshot are necessary

Step 6

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